We are excited to welcome your baby to the infant class at Fire House Kids.  Our loving and highly qualified teachers specialize in early childhood care and will work with you to provide for the individual needs of your little one through each stage of their development.  We pay close attention to feeding and diaper change schedules and make sure to communicate the important information of your child’s day through our Daily Reports.  Your baby gets lots of attention and their very own crib for napping.  Infant rooms are cozy and safe with baby swings, baby toys, and space for your baby to play.  From bottle to highchair and tummy time to little crawler, we are ready to partner with you and to help your baby as they grow.



Toddlers are so much fun!  They are full of life, curious, and adventuresome.  At Fire House Kids we provide a safe and fun place for them to be little while helping them with the “big kid things” they are learning to do like eating meals by themselves, playing nicely with their friends, art & crafts, and even early potty training for some.  Wow!  At Fire House Kids we know how important this time is for your child and we are ready to make the most of it by a full and balanced schedule of learning and fun for your toddler.   

"Rookies" (Preschool & Pre-K)


Why wait for Kindergarten to prepare your child for success?  

At Fire House Kids, We Start Early: 

  • First we make sure our preschool classes are filled with wonderful teachers who love working with each age group.    
  • Next, a safe, clean, and fun environment for your child to thrive with education, development, and play in mind. 
  • Mix in daily activities and special events to keep your child excited about coming to school every day.   
  • Last but not least, add the time-tested, A Beka Curriculum to prepare your child for the important years ahead.

Together, with all of these ingredients, Fire House Kids is the perfect recipe for a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

"Chiefs" (Before and After School / K - 12 years)


With the ever-increasing demands and stress that school can put on children, we strive to create an atmosphere where, at the end of the day, our Chiefs at Fire House Kids can unwind, hang out with friends, and have fun just being kids.  We have arcade systems, play centers, toys, games, art & crafts, and playground activities, too.  We also provide an afternoon snack each day.

The demands and stress of parenting are kept in mind as well, so we offer as much help as we can to make your daily routine just a little bit easier.  This includes bus drop-off and pick-up at local schools, optional homework time, and a safe place for your child/worry-free place for you.

Summer Break, Winter Break, No School…?  We’ve got you covered.  Except for a few major holidays where most businesses close, FHK provides full and half day care for our Chiefs to match the district’s “days out of school” and holiday schedule.  See Summer Fun at Fire House Kids for more info.