Summers at Fire House Kids

Texas Summers aren’t just really hot.  At Fire House Kids, they’re also really cool!  Not only do kids get to enjoy the everyday perks of being at Fire House Kids – great teachers, great facility, friends, and fun – but we amp up the fun with exciting field trips, parties, team competitions, and a wide variety of activities to keep your child busy and engaged all summer long.   

Monthly Activity Calendars are your road map to Summer Camp at Fire House Kids, letting you know what new and exciting thing each day will bring.  


Please Note:

Besides fieldtrips and activities designed exclusively for our School-age Group (Chiefs), Preschoolers (Rookies) enjoy many of the same fun activities as the older kids.  We offer separate calendars for both Chiefs and Rookies so you and your child will know exactly what each day has in store for their particular group.